Backpacking Half Moon

This summer has been full of adventures as we explore our new home. One Thursday evening in July, Aaron came home to find L and I packed and ready to go backpacking. Thought it was 6pm, the only question he asked as he packed his gear was “which trail head?” So, after eating a quick dinner, we drove the 15 minutes to Half Moon Lake.  Earlier in the spring, we had sighted a rocky peninsula about a half mile from the trail head and thought it would be a fun place to camp. We hiked the 5 minutes and set up camp–and had fun learning our new gear (down bags, air pads).  This was L’s first backpacking experience! O was at Girl’s Camp, so she wasn’t with us….but that was okay, as we had a great time spending some quality time with our son.  L was thrilled with the whole experience, and has since been begging to do it again.  


Father and son…getting ready for the 1/2 mile trek. 🙂


L could barely contain himself, so we sent him ahead with the dogs. He’s so funny!

DSC09439 2

Here, we have the rocky little peninsula in sight…

DSC09476 2

DSC09523 2

DSC09536 2

DSC09556 2

DSC09481 2

DSC09646 2

DSC09676 2

DSC09701 2

DSC09727 2

DSC09732 2

DSC09737 2

DSC09750 2

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