Photography Info

subway2010 (470)

taking photos in the “Subway” of Zion Ntl. Park

Though I have a background in commercial art, it wasn’t until I was required to carry a camera around and take photos of people that I realized I loved photography. I was about 20 years old (ages ago) and I was the historian for a large community choir.  It was my job to document everything through photos.  I discovered I loved capturing the candid moments, and loved the smiles my photos brought to the faces of those in them.  A few years later, and as a new mom, I desired to capture every moment I could of my precious daughter’s life. This was before digital cameras. When I finally got my first digital camera, I may or may not have developed calluses on my hand from carrying it constantly.  It was with digital photography that I learned so much faster, as I could get instant feedback.  Now, 14 years later…I still love carrying my camera around. I find it relaxing to go “take the camera for a walk”…and I have learned to see my world with new eyes. I see details I wouldn’t have seen before, but mostly, I see light–the way light changes ordinary things into wonderful works of art. Photographing nature is my first “love”, followed closely by pretending people are “nature” and photographing them, in their element. I love how photography has taught me to see the beauty in people and my world around me.

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