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morning yoga at Lake Powell

In 2005, I first certified online, at N.E.S.T.A. as a Sport Yoga Instructor. Why yoga?   It would be easier to ask the question, why NOT yoga?  Because—seriously—yoga makes everything else better. Yes, everything.  It’s true, I used to think that because I was SO incredibly NOT flexible I thought there was no way I could do yoga. I really thought (as many people still do) that you had to be super flexible to practice yoga. I didn’t know that yoga is what could help me become flexible.

I had been having some health challenges (diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 19) and was looking for something to help manage my symptoms. I discovered yoga. Through the certification process of the basic Sport Yoga, I learned to love how I felt through practicing yoga, and eventually, through diet changes and consistent yoga practice, I became symptom-free of Fibromyalgia for the first time in 5 years.

In 2006, when I was feeling better and healthier than I ever had, I ended up using yoga as my physical therapy after having my hips crushed by my horse, and then reconstructed.  I experienced a super-fast recovery, and was back on my horse after only 5 months. (My audio CD, Of Hope and Horses tells the story).

I am now a certified Restorative Thai Partner Yoga instructor, as well as a certified Bodhi Yoga Teacher. I teach a gentle flow/restorative yoga  as well as a Yoga Flow or vinyasa classes at the Pinedale Aquatic Center. I also offer private, one-on-one Restorative Thai Partner Yoga sessions.

So why Yoga? Because it makes everything else better.  Everything.  And I am one who is always looking for ways to better my experience here on this planet. I can’t help it. I almost didn’t live to see 30. I have a zest for life—for the joy of living it fully. Anything that can help me do that gets my time and attention.

What others are saying about WanderWild Yoga…

“Yoga stretching jump starts my day. It has markedly improved my flexibility. When I miss yoga class on any given week, I miss out BIG! I so appreciate the type of yoga that Teisha instructs. It’s perfect for my aging body.”  –G.R.

“I attended Teisha’s yoga class several times while I was pregnant with my 6th child. She was always very mindful of my safety. I left class feeling really relaxed and in alignment, and her voice is very soothing and calming.”    –T.N.

“Yoga makes a difference for me physically, but also for my spirit and soul. I love the way Teisha explains the benefits of different poses and her calm, relaxing voice—as well as the calm, relaxing atmosphere. I see a difference in my day when I attend yoga. I would love to have it every day! I appreciate the way it helps me deal with everyday stress.”  –Ta. N.

“It’s hard to explain all the ways Teisha’s yoga classes have helped me.  She re-introduced the magical healing powers of stretching to me and the power of breathing that I had never practiced before attending her class (outside of Lamaze class and during labor and delivery:)).  Running injuries seem to be a thing of the past, which I am so grateful for.  I love her calm, gentle teaching manner and I appreciate the way she always gets there far ahead of the rest of us and sets up class, so we come in to a very relaxing and happy atmosphere.  I love the way Teisha explains things and tunes us into our bodies and what we’re feeling and how to address problems.  She sees each of us as individuals with different needs and abilities and somehow leads us all along to where we need to be.  She gives us choices in the varying poses to challenge us no matter what our level is, yet she emphasizes the importance of being gentle with our bodies, too.  No machoism involved…which makes everyone feel very comfortable and wanting more.  I also love it when she does hands-on with each of us because her touch is gentle, yet firm and is always tuned into our needs.  I find myself incorporating yoga into many different activities, and while I work, and even mentally, because the principles work under so many circumstances.  I would have never understood or believed this without Teisha and it has really made a difference in my life.”  –C.A.

PicMonkey Collage 3

morning yoga on the pier at Wide Hollow Resevoir, Escalante, UT

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